Sunday, September 03, 2006

Someone's Home-SOLD- (click here to see auction results on eBay)


This is a house in my old home town of South Sioux City, Nebraska. I'm wondering if I should tell the people that own it , that I'm using it as a paint subject. I took some clutter out of thier yard, and gave the grass a little trim. Click on the image for a large view.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mick!Found your blog while searching about "a painting a day",(I'd like to try the e bay thing among thousand of others artists!)I'm french and in my country we ar'nt aloud to use properties for a paint subject without the permission of the owners. I like your paintings, especialy your parents portraits but I like the others as well, your "more cream please" make me sad, reminding me your great country where I was travelling accross 2 months ago. Miss american people a lot, coming back here is difficult and I can't wait for next year to go back to Montana.
Best regards
Elaine k bond

12:21 PM  

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