Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Let there be Light"

This is the first painting I did, "Walking on Water", for "Let there be Light", the show that is now hanging in the gallery at the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove , California.

This is the first version with Christ looking like he was near the shore. Besides not looking like a sea, the illusion of walking on deep water wasn't there.

This is the second version of water which I liked because of all the color I infused into it, but it still didn't have the feel of deeper water and rougher sea water. On the third and final version above I decided to limit the color on the water and try to convey a rougher wave feel with all the warm tones in the figure of Jesus.

Here's a shot of the Gallery building

Let me tell you how it came about.
I am fortunate to know, and be best friends with an artist in Seattle, Chris Hopkins. He's always been an oil painter, even in the early part of his career when we both worked at a Hollywood design studio, Willardson & White, where we were primarily working as airbrush painters making a living at advertising art of all kinds. Album covers, movie posters and product advertisments of all kinds. Chris and I both landed there out of Art Center, and had more than three years of working side by side having a great time and creating so many fun memories. I stuck with airbrush after leaving W&W, but very quickly, over a period of just a couple of years,Chris crushed his airbrush, (literally, and then painted it as a still life), and developed a portfolio of nothing but oil painted illustrations.
Just when I thought Chris had outdone himself on any one project, he would blow me away with a bigger and better piece that looked like he worked on it for a year. He can paint more in one week than five painters can painters can paint in a month. It was Chris that suggested I paint something for an upcoming show that he helped organize, that was going to include, not only some of his Christian pieces, but many of the other best known names in Christian art. I have to thank Chris publicly for inviting me into a group that he worked for years earning their respect. This is a highlight of my career and a real honor to be hanging my art among the works of these artists.

I won't post any images of their art here without first getting permission, but I will give you links to all of their websites so you can see how amazing this group of artists are.

Chris Hopkins

Dennis Lewis

Thomas Blackshear

There are many more artists in this group, but I'll need to find my catalog from the show to continue with links. I'll add to this post as I locate links to the artists, and photos from the show.

Here is the second piece I contributed, "Into the Desert"

Here's a shot of Dennis Lewis posing in front of the piece he painted.


Blogger Mona Diane Conner said...

Mick, Two entries to be very proud of.

I am blown away over "Walk on Water". WOW!
It is just totally grand. How big is it? I love that it is focused on Christ's feet, that it is not overstated. LOVE the light!--- coming through the garments, and how it plays on the water. Also, I respect how hard it is to show walking on water, yet you painted it in such a convincing way that it speaks inwardly to me. How lucky an artist is to be able to show us a miracle

I hope you will consider doing a giclee print or print series on this piece, and I look forward to the photos of the show and entries whenever you have time to post.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Darren Maurer said...

That piece worked out great.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Helen Read said...

Mick, I agree and add my congratulations to the comments above. Fantastic work. Very thought provoking... and so well done. I think you should consider glicee prints as well!

10:36 AM  
Blogger mick mcginty said...

Hi Mona and Darren,
It would have been an easier painting to do had I not been trying to paint water and to some degree a figurative piece. Both of which Chris Hopkins has painted many times at such an amazing level, I thought i was destined to embarrass myself. Luckily for me, it isn't a painting contest and that the idea f the painting comes through and the technique is an afterthought.
This piece is 24 x 30, oil on canvas. The "Into the Desert" piece is 24 x 36, and is also an oil on canvas.
I re-painted the water twice. I'll post those images too

3:53 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Mick, this is so beautiful. His feet, the light, the water. You did it! He did it through you!! Donna

5:53 AM  
Blogger Mona Diane Conner said...

Mick, thanks for posting the other two versions of "Walking on Water". It is very interesting to see and hear about your thoughtful process, and all three are beautiful works of art. I agree with you that the one you chose is the most successful as far as the deepness of the water.

It is also really nice just to see a photo of the artist himself next to his masterpiece! Congratulations again.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Jo Castillo said...

These are beautiful and a great story. Thanks for sharing with us. (Sorry about being so behind in posting)I like the light on the deep water as well. The desert scene is just perfect.

9:30 PM  

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