Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Path to the Lake" 12x16 SOLD (Click here to view results on eBay)

I was finally able to get back to some painting after being slammed with a bunch of illustration work these last few weeks The last time I posted anything was ten days ago. I was able to do two actually, both from one of my new favorite places, Lake Tahoe.
I also had the opportunity two weeks ago, to attend the opening of "Let there be Light". It's a traveling show of Christian art that opened at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. It consists of over 90 pieces of art from 22 artists and will travel the world over the next two years with stops in New York City and Paris, France. I'll send along a link when they have the website assembled. I'll post the two pieces I submitted in following posts.
Click on the image for a larger view.

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Blogger Helen Read said...

beautiful, as usual, Mick! My oldest son is getting married at Lake Tahoe in a couple months... I've never been there, but by your painting I can see it will be fabulous! Also, congratulations on the traveling show! I'll look forward to seeing what you submitted! Blessings.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Mona Diane Conner said...

Mick, congratulations on your participation in such a special show. I am very interested in seeing the Christian art show, since I love painting spiritual themes also. I live in Brooklyn (NYC) & am also visiting Paris and Provence starting April 19. Looking forward to seeing what you contributed, and I will check out the link when posted.

4:19 PM  

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