Friday, July 13, 2007

Homemade Jam SOLD (Click here to view results on eBay)

Once again, I didpped into old photos to find something fun to paint. It aslo seems to be some of my favorite treats. We just had a jar of my Mom's homemade jam in our fridge, but an empty jar isn't as fun to paint. It was gone in two days. Click on the image for a larger view.


Blogger Very Confusd said...

One day, god retired. He decided to give his job of creating beauty to others. You are one of them.

I am a hobbyist & came across your works! nice!!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Cara said...

Wonderful. The way you rendered the molded letters on the jar is fantastic.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Helen Read said...

Fantastic! :-))

4:13 PM  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


9:06 AM  

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