Sunday, May 28, 2006

Country Mailbox#5 (SOLD)


My daughter took a picture of this rusty mail box somewhere near the Iowa Great Lakes. It made a nice enough painting on it's own, but after thinking it over I decided to put a yellow ribbon on the post to create a whole new meaning to the piece. It's bad enough to be in harm's way as an occupation, but just think what the families back home must endure. This was painted at 5"x7".


Blogger Margaret Aycock said...

I really like your work. Traveled through Sadona last year and loved it. I just joined the group and am still finding my way around adding ebay buttons, links to other artists etc. Did sell a painting though. If you care to share a link let me know. Don't know if I know how to do that but I am a quick study.
Margaret Aycock

7:47 AM  

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