Thursday, September 20, 2007

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This is painting done from a midnight shot of the famous Flatiron building on Fifth Avenue, between 22nd, and 23rd streets. Right after I took those shots, I was talked into walking over to the Empire State Building which is 12 blocks away on 32th and Fifth Avenue. My feet were killing me, but the thought of going to the top of the Empire building kept my mind off the pain. Click on the image for a larger view.


Blogger Jo Castillo said...

Mick, this is really nice. Your new work is just great. Sorry I haven't been by to comment in a while. I do look all the time!

I like the SW paintings very much and now you are a city slicker.

Nice work.


10:19 PM  
Blogger Mona Diane Conner said...

have walked through this area many times and for me you really nailed the feeling of being there....not just the perspective, but also all those lights and the intensity. It is an area heavily trafficked 24/7 by both cars and pedestrians. All that action converging with the shape of the flatiron building makes it a dynamic area to pass through. Artists tend to paint the "V" of the flatiron building too wide, but you got just really is that skinny. Cool!

11:14 PM  
Blogger craigstephens said...

Mick, this one's fantastic! I love the subtle blues and greens in the sky.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Helen Read said...

I've been enjoying your NYC paintings! A different kind of landscape, but you have made the city very interesting! Great work.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Terry Banderas said...

Very nice night scene. Like your art.

6:51 AM  

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